Magnette History

In the mid-1950's MG produced a car unlike any it had produced before. A Gerald Palmer design, the car was MG's first "monocoque" (unibody), using the same drivetrain as would be later used in the MGA, but very different front suspension and steering. It was surprisingly advanced in some ways (child-proof door latches) and classically British in others (mahogany and walnut dashboard).

In November of 1987, Jeff Powell started a Registry for Magnetttes and their owners. His goal was failrly simple, to connect Magnette owners together for mutual aid, assistance and entertainment. His methods were simple, too. Jeff sent out a semi-occiasional newsletter with notes, tidbits of information, cars for sale and wanted, and whatever else seemed of interest. If you want to see the early years of the Z Magnette Group - North America, click on the "Archive" link above.

About 10 years later, The Z Magnette Group began a transition to an online environment in paralell with the "snail-mail" communications. A listserver was established, and later a web page.

In recent years, most of the Group's activities and connections have been via an e-mail list, which, if you are not familiar with them, is a system that will "reflect" any e-mail sent to it out to a closed list of recipients. If you have a Magnette, or are interested in getting one, and would like to join the List, drop an introductory e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.